Wasserpflanzen - Rare Water Plants -

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Rare Water plants


 NEW arrvials

Sphaerocaryum malaccense N/A
Mayaca sp. Belem N/A

Ludwigia ovalis pink ( red )  NEW

Ludwigia ovalis pink red
Ludwigia Genuia Senegalensis Ludwigia Genuia
Bucephalandra Brownie Ghost N/A
Bucephalandra Purple Rain N/A
Nesaea sp. Golden  NEW Nesea golden
Rotala Mexicana Green  NEW Rotala Mexicana

A-Z Plant list

Ammania Multiflora   NEW Ammania Multiflora rare
Ammania sp. Bonsai (-> Rotala indica)
Ammania Bonais
Anubias Nana Bonsai no image  N/A
Bacopa from Araguia River   NEW soon rare
Bacopa Japan   NEW Bacopa Japan


Bacopa "unknown"
Blyxa Japonica
Blyxia Japonica
Blyxa Vietii / N.A
Blyxia Vietii

Bucephalandra Motleyana   NEW
( Brownie / Red )
Bucephalandra Motleyana
Chara sp.   NEW
-> Algen
Cuphea anagalloidea   NEW
cuphea anagalloidea Bacopa Red
Cryptocoryne wendtii Cryptocognye wendti
Cryptocoryne parva sry, no image N/A
Didiplis Diandra
Didiplis Diandra



Plants E-N

Echinodorus Bolivanus Echinodorus Bolivanus
Echinodorus grisebachii Echinodorus Griesbachhi N/A
Elatine Americana -> Microparea Minima    
Elatine Hydropiper Elatine Hydropiper  N/A
Elatine Triandra Elatine Triandra
Egeria Najas Egeria Najas  
Eriocaulon Australia   NEW Eriocaulon Australis
Eriocaulon trunctum   NEW  soon rare N/A
Eriocaulon sp. Goias    NEW Eriocaulon Goias rare
Gratiola viscidula    NEW Gratiola viscidula rare
Hemianthus callitrichoides Cuba / HCC HCC  
Hemianthus glomeratus aka. micranthemoides Hemanthius Micromanthem  
Heteranthera zosterifolia HHeteranthera zosterifolia  
Hydrothrix gardneri   NEW Hydrothrix Gardneri rare N/A
Hydrocotyle leucocephala Hydrocotyle leucocephala  
Hydrocotyle Japan Hydrocotyle japan  rare
Hygrophila polisperma  soon   N/A
Juncus Repens Juncus repens  N/A
Lindernia Grandiflora   NEW Lindernia Grandiflora rare
Lindernia Indian aka. "Colorata"   NEW Lindernia India



Plants L-N


Ludwigia Arcurata Ludwigia Arcurata  rare
Ludwigia Atlantis   NEW Ludwigia Atlantis rare
Ludwigia Curly "Tornado Red"   NEW Ludwigia Curly Tornado Red rare
Ludwigia Mini SuperRed   NEW Ludwigia Super Red  Ludwigia Mini Super Red rare
Ludwigia Repens Ludwigia Repens
Ludwigia Rubin Ludwigia Rubin
Ludwigia verticillata Inclinata Pantanal   NEW Ludwigia Pantanal
rare N/A
Lysimachia aurea Lysimachia aurea
Limnophila Aromatica / Hippuruides Limnophila Aromatica..Limnophila Hippuruides rare
Limnophila sp. Belem  NEW Limnophilia Belem rare
Limnophila Guinea Broad-Leaf   NEW Limnophila Guinea  Broad leaf rare
Limnophila Guinea Needle Leaf .. "Super-Fine"   NEW Limnophilia Genuia Needle Leaf rare
Limnophila sessiliflora Limnophila sessiliflora  
Limnophila Vietnam "mini"   NEW Limnophilia vietnam rare
Mayaca Fluitans Mayaca fluitans  
Marsilea sp. Marsilea sp.  
Micranthemum umbrosum micranthemum umbrosum  
Micranthemum sp. Monte Carlo 3    NEW XXL-HCC Micranthemum Monte Carlo 3 rare
Microcarpaea minima Microcarpaea rare
Najas guadalupensis , Guadeloupes Najas guadalupensi  
Najas Roraima  NEW Najas Roraima rare
Nesaea triflora   NEW Nesaea triflora rare



Plants R-W

Rotala Araguia ->Cuphea anagalloidea    
Rotala Blood Red    NEW Rotala Blood Red rare
Rotala sp. Colorata Rotala Colorata rare
Rotala sp. Green Rotala green N/A
Rotala sp. H´Ra aka Gia Lai   NEW Rotala H´ra Rotala Gia Lai rare
Rotala Indica Rotala indica rare
Rotala sp. Indica Kramer   NEW
(Rotundifolia var. ochre / dark yellowish)
Rotala Indica Kramer  Rotala Indica Kramer
Rotala Macrandra Mini Type I aka. Pearl. Rotala  Macrandra Mini Type 1 Pearl rare N/A
Rotala Macrandra Mini Type II   NEW Rotala  Macrandra Mini Type 2 rare
Rotala Macrandra Mini Type II  var. "Round" Rotala  Macrandra Mini Type II rare N/A
Rotala Macrandra Mini Type III *GREEN*
[aka. Rotala Macrandra Green "kleine Form" aka. Rotala wavy]
Rotala  Macrandra Mini Type III. rare
Rotala Macrandra Mini Type IV *RED*

Rotala  Macrandra Mini Type IV rare N/A
Rotala Macrandra Mini Type IV *RED* var. narrow   NEW Rotala  Macrandra Mini Type IV Red rare
Rotala Macrandra Mini Type V *Butterfly*   NEW
[aka. Rotala Butterfly sp. Mini]
Rotala  Macrandra  Butterfly rare
Rotala Macrandra Mini Type V "Green-round"
Rotala  Macrandra Mini Type V  
Rotala Macrandra Mini type VI "From Blood Red"   NEW Rotala  Macrandra Mini Type VI rare
Rotala Macrandra "Normal" Rotala Macrnadra
Rotala Nanjenshan Rotala Nanjenshan  
Rotala Nanjenshan "Colorata" 2   NEW Rotala Nanjenshan 2 Colorata rare
Rotala Mexicana sp. Bangladesh   NEW
[aka. Mexicana Bangladesh]
Rotala Mexicana Bangladesh Rotala Mexicana rare
Rotala Mexicana araguaia
"Rotala Pussila"
Rotala Mexicana  araguaia rare
Rotala Mexicana "Green"   NEW sry, no image rare N/A
Rotala Mexicana "Goias" Rotala Mexicana Goias rare
Rotala cf. Occultiflora   NEW rare N/A
Rotala sp. Pink   NEW
[aka .Rotala Ceylon]
Rotala cyelon Rotala pink rare 
Rotala Rotundifolia Rotala Rotundifolia N/A
Rotala Singapore   NEW Rotala Singapore
Rotala Sunset   NEW Rotala Sunset
rare N/A
Rotala Yao Yai   NEW Rotala Yao Yai  Rotala Colorata Yao Yai rare
Rotala Vietnam Rotala Vietnam
Rotala Wallichi "Long Leaf"   NEW Rotala Wallichi Long Leaf rare
Rotala Wallichi Rotala Wallichi N/A
Sagitaria subalanta sry, no image N/A
Staurogyne Repens Staurogyne Repens rare
Utricularia graminifolia Utricularia graminifolia  
Utricularia gibba no image  
Wasserpest Wasserpest  N/A
Javafarn no image
Javafarn Windelow Javafarn windelow


Seltene Algen

 Chara sp. (Armleuchteralge)   NEW
chara sp.


Moose A-Z

Barbula sp. "Millimetermoos"   NEW Barbula sp. Milimetermoos rare N/A
Fissidens Fontanus "Mini Nobili"   NEW Fissidens Fontanus Mini Nobili rare N/A
Fissidens Fontanus  Fissidens Fontanus
Fissidens Zippelanus   NEW  soon rare N/A
Javamoos  sry, no image  
FlameMoos Flame Moss
Mini Pellia / Korallenmoos Korallenmoos
Riccia Dwarf Mini Riccia Dwarf rare
Riccia fluitans no image  
Spießmoos   NEW Spießmoos rare
Stringy Moos   NEW  Stringy Moss rare
Peackcock Moos Peackock Moos  
Mini Stumpfdeckelmoos   NEW Mini Sumpfdeckelmoos . rare
Mini Hokkaido Perlmoos NEW Mini Hokkaido Perlmoss rare
X-Mas Moos no image  

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Rotala Mexicana sp. Red
Rotala Belem


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